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Bringing home appliances

Information Management System data published as of November 30, 2009, home appliances to the countryside since the trial has been registered by the information system of production enterprises amounted to 79.2271 million units shipped,


Business registration to the countryside home appliances 31,749,200 units sold, sales amounted to 58.131 billion yuan.

Our country home appliances to the countryside when the product variety from the pilot extended to 9 class 3 class of 12 varieties, 6700 and specifications, the successful production company 359, 344 circulation enterprises successful, selling nearly 190,000 outlets do basic coverage to the national county.

TM to

Side, following the December 2, 2009 sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, the sales of only 15 days to add up to 20 billion, continuing the policy effects of the outbreak. Appliance TM to continued growth in sales. Since implementation, the pilot city for about every half sales rate of the rapid growth of 2 billion yuan. As of December 17, 2009, nine pilot provinces and cities in five major categories of new appliances sold 3.1 million units, a total of up to 12.13 billion yuan.

According to the Commerce Department estimated China's home appliance retail sales in November 2009 rose 16.8%, with the Spring Festival draws near, the peak consumption of household appliances will also appear. At present the home appliance stores have begun selling the new year sprint performance, including

States United States



, Medium and large, Jingdong Mall and other major stores, including one after another "Sword", a series of

Price war

, The price dropped a lot of home appliances. And many businesses will also change the traditional non-shopping shopping raffle draw. Furthermore, on the basis of price wars, home appliances stores also began to seek new sales alliances, such as purchase


And computers to send the bill, to buy phone cards or traditional home appliance to send gifts and other activities.

Recently issued by the Department of Industry and Information on speeding up transformation and upgrading of China's home appliance industry guidance. The view that the home appliance industry is entering a more mature stage of development, product variety, quality, reliable, cost-effective, complete industrial chain, and have a strong integration of innovation and a certain capacity for independent innovation. Clear view of the main objectives of the development of household appliances, that by 2015, industry average R & D investment in the share of sales revenue up 3%; has more than 20 state validated enterprise technical centers; own brand products in international market share of 30 %; cultivate five or so a comprehensive competitive international enterprise groups; in 2020 of ozone-depleting HCFC substances (HCFC) in the household appliance industry to reduce the use of 35%. After several years of efforts, household appliances industry structure has been significantly optimized, independent innovation ability and international level, pollution control and product


, Significantly improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, industry competitiveness overall. Obviously, space is still large appliance industry is expected to maintain 2010 profit growth of more than 15%, of which domestic sales are still expected to grow over the possibility.

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Appliance domestic market will exceed expectations - selling appliances, household appliances TM to

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