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Whether you live in a small apartment or in a sprawling house, your home is your sanctuary and the place where you relax. Home renovation can be a major task and proper planning is imperative to make it a success.  Here are some simple ideas to help in home renovation.

  1. It is important to know your budget when remodelling different areas of the house or you will end up spending much more than you planned. Making a budget also helps you plan better.
  1. Your home can get a complete new look with glass wall systems. Some of us believe that glass is a security risk and offers less privacy but that is far from truth. They are manufactured under high temperature and with different colours, thickness and patterns they offer security, privacy as well as thermal protection. When placed in your living room, glass walls allow natural panorama from the comfort of your home in all weather.
  1. Lighting and mirrors can add a dramatic effect to your rooms. Blend yellow and warm white lights to radiate warmth and a welcome feel into the room. Strategic use of mirrors offers small spaces an illusion of width.
  1. Use plants to make your rooms lively. They can be used in all parts of your home to make the area look cheerful and fresh.
  1. Use greener techniques for home renovation to reduce impact on the environment. Green practices are also cost effective. For example if you use a combination of a screening system and moveable glass walls, it offers a green impact on your home design and the requirement of air conditioning also goes down.
  1. Kitchen is another excellent home renovation idea. You can begin with replacing old and ineffective appliances. Changing counter tops and cabinet can add to the value of your home. Ceiling-mounted cabinets with slightly angled ceiling and glass panels are used for a different look.
  1. Create a relaxed bath ambience by adding mirrors and placing candles on them to catch the flame flicker. Old mirrors can be ornamented with flowers.
  1. It is simple to incorporate lighting blocks during a renovation project. Entire glass walls can be used as a chic internal wall as a divider or in the bath. They can be customized at home and are also available pre-assembled.
  1. Your home may require some exterior remodelling and one of the best ways to do it is window replacement. You can create a stunning look by using harmonizing materials with glass.


  1. Curtains play a key role in decorating your home and you need to buy curtains that compliment your decor. Soft colours are good for bedrooms and the dining area can be brightened with a different shade of valences and curtains.

It is best to purchase all fixtures and material ahead of time. Careful planning is most important for faster and successful home renovation.


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Best Home Renovation Ideas

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Best Home Renovation Ideas

This article was published on 2013/08/24