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Many older people find that they need help with basic chores, but they don't feel that they are ready to move into assisted living facilities. Families worry that their loved one may get hurt, but they do understand the desire to stay in your own home. Home care in San Jose allows senior citizens to keep their dignity, and their independence by staying in their own home.

Home care is designed to allow a person who needs additional help to stay in their home. There are different levels available, so the first step is determining how much assistance is required. Some agencies provide basic housekeeping services. They will clean out the refrigerator, cook meals, and run the laundry. They will check on the client, and maybe even sit with them for a little while. They often will also take them to doctor's appointments and help them run other errands.

However, there are times when a higher level of care is required. Bathing, personal hygiene and dressing are all areas where a nurse's aid can easily perform the job requirements. This same person can also do light housekeeping chores, ensure that mediations are taken, and help the patient run errands.

The final level is skilled nursing. Clients who are still mobile can benefit from skilled nursing care if they have wounds that require dressing, or have any other chronic ailment that requires regular monitoring. Regardless of the level of care required, Home Care San Jose can help you find the perfect helper.

Whoever you hire will be trusted with your loved one. They will be alone together, and the home care worker will have access to anything that is not locked away. You want your loved one to be safe and secure, so it's important that you check the credentials of any potential home care worker. The Department of Health in California is a fine starting point for Home Care workers in San Jose. You can also visit the California Association for Health Services at Home and the California Registry for more information. Ask for references, and check the references.

Even the most careful investigation can fail to uncover some con artists. Regardless of whom you select and how trustworthy he or she seems to be, you should still take steps to protect your loved one's information. Any financial documents should be kept locked away. Important documents and small valuables should not be left out where temptation can be hard to resist. You should also establish a schedule so you know when the worker can be expected every day.

Home care can allow your parent or grandparent to stay in their home a little longer. An excellent alternative to nursing homes or assisted living, they can be the ideal solution to a growing problem. Finding the right one can be a huge blessing. Stumbling onto a poor one should not discourage you. If you find that it is not working out for whatever reason, don't be afraid to let them go and search for another one. You want to be completely comfortable with the home care worker, so don't be afraid to shop around until you find the right person.

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Home Care San Jose

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This article was published on 2011/04/29