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Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience and all of us feel quite excited about it. But the home buying process goes through few steps that are essential. The first of these steps is home inspection and it is always advisable that a buyer knows about it when he decides to purchase a house.

Importance of Home Inspection

Home inspection is important to know about the condition it is in. If it is found in home inspection that there are major problems then you can talk with the seller about reduction in price. You will also have to ask the owner to take steps to correct those issues. Home inspection will also make sure that there is no risk of hazards which may cause severe injury to your family members.

Questions to Ask

At the time a home inspector visit the house you need to be there and ask question even if they sound stupid. The home inspector will be glad to reply to those questions. Some of the common questions that you need to ask the home inspector are:

  1. Ask questions like how is the drainage system around new house, whether tube, knob or aluminum wiring has been used in the home which is commonly seen in case the house is old. Such type of wiring can make getting home insurance difficult.
  2. Ask for tips on how the basement can be kept dry, how to correct various exterior related problems and methods to increase lifespan of roofing.
  3. Raise queries related to plumbing. Some problem might exist if you find that cap for sewer clean out is relatively new. In addition to it also ask about the age of plumbing supply & sewer pipes.
  4. Ask questions about the structure of the house and the heating system that has been installed.

Tracing Problems

Home inspection can help in tracing problems like:

  1. Sagging of roof between trusses & rafters.
  2. Asphalt shingles deteriorating recognized from broken edges, wasping, etc.
  3. Deck of wooden roof in delaminated state at ending shingles row.
  4. Masonry cap of chimney broken.
  5. Gutters do not slope downward at downspouts.
  6. Downspouts are extended a lot from foundations.
  7. Exterior wall are leaning or are bulged.
  8. Porches or decks have flaking masonry.
  9. Effluorescence marks on foundation and bowing foundation.
  10. Loose tiles or stains suggesting water penetration in basement.
  11. Drywall seams on the walls.
  12. Under counter tops staining or rot in bathrooms or kitchens.
  13. Water pipes with visible corrosion.
  14. Electrical outlets are not grounded.

Keeping note of these home inspection problems and asking the right questions to your home inspector will mean that you will purchase a home that will be worth its price and you will not face any problems in the future.

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Home Inspection Questions

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This article was published on 2011/05/18