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A home is a place where we live for good with our dear ones. It is the place having an emotional address of my grandparents and of course mine own. It can't be denied that home is the supply base for a man's physical and mental needs. It is from home that a man inherits the cultural and social tradition,learns how to cope up with different situations of life. The positive influence of a home makes a perfect social being bubbling with the spirit of benevolence and humanity. It is the negative influence that turns one to the way to hell, devastation and chaos. Home thus plays a great role in shaping the personality of a man making him either a god or a beast.

At home the child is reared under the guidance of the parents and the elders. They influence it in an immense manner. The child in the very beginning leans to follow the steps trodden by its superiors, watching them from every corner with minute details. If the home corner is a really cozy one , perfect abode of peace and tranquility the baby grows up in a healthy manner. From the very beginning dreams loom large in his eyes and he determines to follow the foot prints of his superiors. In the long run it is noted that he is a perfect man in the true sense of the term.

If the home front is busy with constant war and tussles the baby can't find the path, hover in the dark, and finally can't but choose the wrong direction failing to thrive properly. It is not the baby who in the long run becomes a devil it is the people of the home who goad it to the way to destruction, misleading it at every moment with absurd ideas. The baby who regular watches its father to beat its mother in a sate of intoxication and the mother in return using filthy words in a state of perpetual despair can never be a healthy baby in all respect , the hell beckons it all the while.

It is often noted that parents who are generous may lead their child to the way to generosity. It is absolutely true that a generous parents can make a generous youth with a broad outlook and a soft corner. The child that notices its parents to show kindness to every man irrespective of caste and creed must be a perfect social being in the later years. The child that watches parents doing menial deeds is sure to do every thing in a bad way.

Thus if we want to make our home a real sweet place next to Paradise we must brood hard that home is a temple and it is our duty to maintain its serenity and holiness. If we are successful in our mission to make our homes temples we are sure have a great generation that would make history in the time that is about to come.

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Home Sweet Home

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This article was published on 2010/04/02