Improve your productivity with a garden office

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Ah the joys of working from home. The dog barking, the kids running around, knocks at the door. It's amazing if you get anything done. And then there are all the distractions - the TV, yes even daytime TV can be compelling in a trashy sort of way, stocking up again on snacks from the fridge or wasting another half an hour on Facebook. Not quite the working nirvana it is portrayed to be sometimes. Having a little bit of separation from work and home is a good thing, but how do you achieve that when you work from home. Well go and take a look at the big empty green space behind your house - that's how. Right now your garden  just has a few sorry looking flowers and the kid's bikes strewn across it. You could make better use of the space just as more and more home workers are with garden offices.

Garden offices are the easy solution to your home working problems. You can set yourself up with a quiet retreat away from the noise and distractions of your house. You even get a walk to work. Even though it is a tiny one admittedly! You have the space, they don't cost much to set up and you'll make the outlay back in terms of improved productivity any way in no time. Imagine, no more interruptions and temptations. Just the chance to crack on with all your tasks for the day in peace and quiet. You'll be amazed at how much more focused you are when you get out of the house, even if you have your own dedicated home office.

Garden offices can double up as your little retreat when you need to get out of the office. Maybe you want to watch or listen to the big match, but the kids won't let you turn Peppa Pig over. Problem solved. Garden offices can also be used as hobby rooms. If you need some quiet time to concentrate on something, they are perfect.

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Improve your productivity with a garden office

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This article was published on 2011/01/04