Sell Your Home Faster! - (Uncommon) Professional Home Staging Tips

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Staging your home for sale can mean anything from de-cluttering and rearranging your furniture to full on furniture and decorative accessories replacement for a complete 'model home look.' Many companies have been created to do just this, and the staging industry has become huge in the past decade or so. Previously, staging was the domain of very expensive homes with pricey realtors and home stagers who charged thousands to get the job done. Indeed, with empty builders homes the process of staging makes all the difference.

Now, home staging has caught on and even a few things done right can make a huge difference to most homes, helping the house sell faster because it appeals to more people. Here are some uncommon tips you can use yourself to take a 'normal' home and make it shine:

Clean, clean, clean: This cannot be overstated. A clean home shows well, all other things being equal. Not only should you keep all surfaces clean and dry, but you should polish wood and railings, wipe down baseboards, clean corners, dust those cobwebs from ceilings, trim your hedges and grass edging outside, paint over chips and cracks where they are visible, and so much more...take a walk around your home, inside and out, and try to see it with fresh eyes. The thing is, people do not notice what is perfect about something; they notice what is wrong, even it's tiny things. It's natural and we all do it (just think about the last decent restaurant or home you went to and how your eye roved around noticing things you liked and didn't like about the decor). Those things stick in the mind and take away from any charm your home may have, often unconsciously. Little things you no longer notice, such as unfinished spots, cracked mirror or windows, even messy closets or uneven bedding will catch people's eyes. Go for straight, clean lines and simple touches. For instance, if you cannot afford to repaint a neutral color and buy new bedding for the bedrooms, keep everything perfectly neat; the bedding made evenly, the closet and drawers with neatly folded and stacked items, etc.. This impression of organization and cleanliness goes a long way for buyers, psychologically.

Scents: Adding to a sense of order and cleanliness is the powerful factor of scent. By subtly adding layers of clean scent you can invoke a welcoming feeling without your visiting potential buyers consciously realizing what is happening. Of course, the tried-and-true method of boiling a little water with vanilla and cinnamon on the stove prior to showings works wonders, but there are other ways to incorporate scent into your staging as well, apart from spraying the heck out of everything with Febreeze (this helps too, but don't over do it - it's too obvious!). Most notably, keep garbage cans, toilets and bathrooms and other such places clean and neat. The best tip I can give here is to use nicely scented cleaning supplies. Go through your home before showings and wipe the wood with a gentle scented wood oil; spray all sinks and tubs with a citrus-scented cleaner and then wipe to a sparkle, including taps; use subtle linen sprays on beds, throw pillows and blankets. Air out your home as often as possible for a fresh feeling, and add little vases of fresh flowers in a few rooms for added freshness and scent.

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Sell Your Home Faster! - (Uncommon) Professional Home Staging Tips

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This article was published on 2011/08/07