Staging Your Home After Understanding Today's Buyers

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Staging your home effectively requires some work on your behalf. Once you realize the importance of a first impression you need to understand what goes on in a buyers mind. These 3 tips will help you understand what buyers are looking for.

1. Today's buyers are very different than those in years past. They are very busy people and will use every tool available (mainly the internet) to cut down on the time it takes to find a new home. They are very design savvy and expect more when they look at the design of your home. This is partly due to the rise in popularity in home makeover shows. They expect more when looking at homes and want more for their money. Dated decor and unfinished projects don't make the cut with them. Today's buyers aren't buying a house, they're buying a lifestyle. They are expecting a home to fulfill their dream.

2. The first impression a buyer gets of your property will most likely come from the internet. This means you have to work harder than ever to make your home picture perfect. In years past buyers had limited access to online viewing of homes. Today they are able to view photos of every room. Buyers sift through photos in a matter of seconds and are very likely to skim past your home if they don't like what they see. You need to ensure that your home is a must see for buyers when they initially click that mouse. Remember that today's buyers are very busy people.  They want to see your home at its most appealing.

3. Buyers look for photos that grab their attention. They can scan multiple properties on a page in just a matter of seconds. If the photo of your home doesn't stand out they won't click on it. If they don't click on it, you may have lost your chance forever with that buyer. Take photos both before and after staging your home. Take pictures from different angles. You need to choose the ones that will show the most appealing aspects. Your goal is to grab the buyers' attention so they will want to make an appointment to view the home.

Today's buyers want instant gratification when viewing photos of your home.  Your goal is to make your home it as clean, de-cluttered, and enticing as possible.  Prepare your home so it looks as appealing as possible in any photos that you or your agent will take.

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Staging Your Home After Understanding Today's Buyers

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This article was published on 2010/03/28