Staging Your Home - How to Live in Your Staged Home!

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Like most home staging, this is something you can easily do yourself. In fact, you have little choice unless you are no longer living in the property you are selling. Because unfortunately, staging your home is not a one time event, it is ongoing until the day you sell your home and can begin packing. Take heart though, with a little planning, this can be relatively easy.

First, your list of necessities:

  • 1 or more large plastic bins - the type you buy at a home improvement store to store things. You will want to do a run-through or eyeball the size requirements based on the activities below.
  • Covered hampers, baskets or laundry bags for each bedroom in use. Be sure there is a discrete place for these in a closet, or out of the way. Also consider whether bathrooms need separate hampers.
  • A set of "display towels" for each bathroom.
  • A bin or basket that goes under your bathroom sink(s)
  • Kid's rooms need a decorative box, bin or basket as well.
  • Medium to large size covered basket or box for each recreational room (living, family, den, etc.). Pick your size based on what is likely to go in it, again, a run-through here can be helpful.
  • A package of pre-moistened multi-function cleaning wipes (Mr. Clean, Windex, whatever you prefer).
  • A lint roller - not a lint brush
  • Sliced lemons (if you have a garbage disposal).
  • A trash bag.

Carry the above in a bucket or another smaller bin.

Here is how this works. Your realtor calls, or you are ready to run out the door for the day. If you are like most of us, that means you have about five minutes to get this accomplished!

Staging Your Home Daily - Kitchen:

  1. Put trash in bag
  2. Take all dirty dishes, and any other "wet" items such as your dish drainer and put them in the large plastic bin. If you don't have time to rinse out your coffee or tea pot, put that in as well. Don't forget any sponges or dishtowels as these can lend a musty smell
  3. Use a wipe to wipe down the counters and sink - throw in trash bag
  4. Grind some sliced lemon in your garbage disposal (if applicable)

Staging Your Home Daily - Living/Family rooms:

  1. Take all random items including magazines, toys, coasters, remotes, etc. and place them in the covered box or basket. I am assuming you have already an attractive place for that to be!
  2. Empty trash, if any
  3. Use lint roller to touch up any furniture or carpets that need it
  4. Use wipe to wipe down coffee table, etc. if needed

Staging Your Home Daily - Bedrooms:

  1. Put all dirty clothes, or any just left lying about and put them in the hamper or bag
  2. Empty trash
  3. In kids rooms, stash all random toys, books etc. into the box/basket - if there is not room, put some in the hamper
  4. Use lint roller to touch up any furniture or carpet that need it
  5. Be sure beds are made, and pillows are fluffed and well placed

Staging Your Home Daily - Bathrooms:

  1. Put used towels in hamper OR into the large plastic bin with the dirty dishes
  2. Hang up and set out your display towels
  3. Put any toiletries, toothbrushes, etc. away under the sink in the bin/basket there for that purpose
  4. Be sure toilets are flushed, and close the lids
  5. Be sure there is toilet paper on the roll
  6. Wipe down the counter, sink and mirror as needed with one of your moist wipes

As you are leaving the house, take out the trash, and leave your large plastic bin and supply bucket nearby (in a garage or outside next to trash bins where they are not obvious) to deal with when you come home. We wish you the best of luck staging your home on a day to day basis!

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Staging Your Home - How to Live in Your Staged Home!

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This article was published on 2010/04/02