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Morning, our province and Nanjing City

Home Appliances Countryside launch held in Gaochun County, Vice Governor Shi Heping, announced the official launch events across the province bringing home appliances. The long-awaited influx of people immediately

Suning Electric Gaochun store, buy your favorite "home appliances to the countryside" products. Meanwhile, the province is also home appliances to the countryside Luhe, Jiangyin, Copper Mountain, Liyang, Changshu, Yu Gan, such as the East, Hongze, Dafeng, Jiangdu, Jurong, Xinghua, Shuyang counties (cities) synchronization starts, the National also started to promote a comprehensive range.

Farmers smile Entered the shop, is the "home appliances to the countryside" products area, the reporter saw, Haier,

Samsung Of Washing machine , Panda, Skyworth, Chang , TCL's TV, refrigerator brand stars, everything. Ice wash product energy efficiency are two or more. In the checkout, the reporter to buy the first block

TV The Gaochun Yangjiang town residents Zhaoshan Chang, Xiao Hehe he told reporters, the family refrigerator, color TV, washing machine there, and would like to buy a color TV set on the bedroom to see, had never willing. Some time ago in the newspapers, television, radio, leaflets also seen to be bringing home appliances, and that the government pays subsidies to farmers, improve living standards, then made up his mind, I hope for early arrival on February 1, and a large gathered outside the event, this is not, I just bought a 19-inch Skyworth

LCD TV The price is 1490 yuan, count to return to government subsidies, the last as long as 1,287 yuan.

Subsidies strictly At the scene, some farmers brother asks, Why should it trouble the subsidies, but also to finance the purchase after the declaration will not directly subsidize the purchase of less paragraph it? Site Gaochun County Financial Bureau staff explained, "home appliances to the countryside" is the bulk of the state financial subsidies, accounting for 80%, 20% of the provincial financial burden. Therefore attaches great importance to the State and called for subsidies should be given to the real needs of farmers brothers. Therefore, the subsidies work must be strict, to put an end to "carry" the possibility. The merchants in the customer "status" of the certification, the not always completely accurate. Therefore, subsidies need to have certain procedures. He once again reminded: farmers to purchase the specified products, who purchase invoices, ID card, household, product identification cards, designated bank account to the local township (town) to process financial reporting procedures subsidies, the financial department and the county level, the subsidies shall be declared within 30 working days paid directly by the financial sector to the purchaser's designated bank account.

Businesses keep a close eye opportunities

Launch of home appliances to the countryside, so that Suning CEO Sun Weimin has arrived at the scene. He told reporters that the pilot last year, Suning in Shandong, Sichuan, Henan province launched three "home appliances to the countryside" products sales, one year, selling a million. And Jiangsu, "home appliances to the countryside" products is expected to sell more than 100 billion a year, Suning at least account for more than 10 million. Because the network in Jiangsu Suning than the three provinces together have more than triple. Meanwhile, Suning has been made in the nationwide "home appliances to the countryside" sales status. Suning will be "home appliances to the countryside" products from the original free shipping radius of 80 km to 180 km. Similarly, the scene of the general manager of Suning Nanjing Tao Jinghai told reporters products as home appliances to the countryside tension shipped to the store that day a total of 300 units, which are bought or delivery. The piece also focused their attention on business opportunities in the province is not only Suning, there Suguo, five-star giants such as circulation and small swans, Samsung, Panda, Chunlan and other home appliances manufacturer, they are all eligible to participate in product and distribution of tender . 18:00 or so, also supervised the operation of the Tao Jinghai Gaochun shop told reporters the day "home appliances to the countryside" products sold more than 200 sales of nearly 13 million, of which, 30,000 color TV sets, refrigerators 50,000, washing machines, 35000,

Mobile 15000. And home appliances to the countryside has also led to selling of other products, Gaochun store sales of 60 million per day, 5 times the previous day turned.

News Practical projects in rural areas began to plan the implementation of six

2 1st, provincial government spokesman, said to the media, in accordance with the provincial government's deployment, in 2008, our province to further increase rural infrastructure and the social construction of the support efforts, the provincial total of invested 10.23 billion yuan for rural new construction of five practical projects.

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Start Suning Appliance countryside Gaochun shop one day to sell more than 200 - LCD TV, Suning Appli

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This article was published on 2011/04/19