Summer is Here - The Windows Are Open - Come on In

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Summer is here-the window are open-come on in, is that what your house is saying to the person looking for a house to break-in? The warm weather of summer and the fresh air seem to be a real attraction to open the windows and this is where many people make the mistake of thinking their house is safe, because they live in a good neighborhood where nothing ever happens.

That is the problem, thinking nothing ever happens makes homeowners let their guard down, they think that no one is going to brake into their home. This is exactly the kind of neighborhood burglars look for; it is easy to break into an unprotected house that has the windows open. Then it is just a matter of looking to see that no one is watching them sneak in.

No matter what kind of a neighborhood a residence is in, it needs to be protected, because there are no safe neighborhoods from burglars. Home security should be the first thing that is thought of when buying a house or moving into a new home, and it should be used all year round.

Having a thief break-in is not only a matter of losing possessions; it is also a matter of no longer feeling safe in the place that is depended on to keep the outside world out. This is a person that will go through the home with no regard to the family and will take property and security all in one swoop.

The days of safety at home because a residence is out in the country or suburbs are long past, burglars like these areas. They know these areas the homes are further apart, there are trees and bushes that will provide hiding places and there are homes with less security. These are the kind of homes that are inviting and where windows and doors are often left open, making it a breeze for getting into the home. This type of home is so inviting to the person that wants to take the families possessions and security that they might as well have a sign on the door "come on in".

Every homeowner needs to be vigilant in the security of their home, or their house will be the one that the burglar checking out easy houses to break into will decide is the one. There are certain things these thieves look for, they look to see which home in a neighborhood does not have a home security system, and they look to see what home has open windows, a home that has bushes and trees near windows and doors. These are all things that make getting into the house without being seen easy. The last thing they want in the home they break into is a home security system, outdoor lighting, and no hiding places near the structure that they can hide behind should there be someone outside or cars. They want an inviting home where they will not be caught stealing the families possessions without the police arriving before they have the chance to get out.

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Summer is Here - The Windows Are Open - Come on In

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This article was published on 2010/03/27